New Years Eve — a Time to Celebrate

On New Years Eve I like to think back on the past year and what I have done. Yes, some of its good, some not so good, but its that continuous motion forward that keeps things exciting for me.

Here are some of the things that happened to me this year:
* learned some new systems and processes at work (I’m a little nerdy that way) (good)
* I slipped and fell in a parking lot and had a walking boot for a few weeks (not good)
* I started a blog (good for me, maybe not so good for you, if you’re reading it) * Went on family trip to Florida and then Mexico this year (good) * Travelled with my Mom to Scotland this year — it was a fantastic trip (good)
* Chaired our work fundraising campaign–my colleagues are very generous folks (good) * Went bike riding with hubby and son (good)
* Spent too much time on the bike seat and bruised my tailbone (not good — yes, I’m a big baby! Karen is buying a big banana seat for her bike in 2013) * Read tons of JD Robb novels – Lieutenant Eve Dallas kicks butt! (good) * I’m learning how to play guitar
* and, my family was healthy this year!

All in all it was a very good year!

Do I have any resolutions? There are always a few…
+ give more at church
+ travel as much as possible
+ exercise more
+ spend more time with family
+ bake more (I love to bake!)
+ eat less of my baking (I know, its a catch 22)
+ be more tolerant
+ be more patience
+ finish my tattoo of the poppies on my calf
+ take a few more courses for work and continuous learning

I think New Years is a time for renewal or change; a time to shake things up a bit.

My New Years wish for you is to have a year of happiness – whatever makes you happy!

Best wishes everybody! Have a good one!


My Pinteresting Life

Like many folks I have gotten caught up in the Pinterest craze. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I remember my friend Julia describing it to me almost a year ago now. Her eyes were glassy, she was talking faster than usual and she was just so excited to show me all the great things on Pinterest.

Like any skeptic who has been inundated with social media I rolled my eyes first and then listened with interest.

I have about 12 boards in my Pinterest now and they range from Crafting to Fashion, to Nail Art to Dancing to Recipes and Tattoos and much more.

You know, Crackberry used to define someone who was addicted to their Blackerry (which I’m on right now!). What do you call someone addicted to Pinterest? Please comment, it shows you are Pinterested.

Today’s Rave : Pinterest in its entirety. Those guys are genius’.

Bazaar or buh-zahr?

I know, its been a long time since I posted anything… No excuses, we’ll just move right along.

So my little rural church is preparing for our 5th annual Mistletoe Market, Craft and Bake Sale on Dec. 1.

Our Stitch ‘n Chat group that meets each month are the main worker bees for this event with lots of bake table contributions from our congregation. Over the past few years we have made little giveaways to reward those brave souls that stand outside and wait until the doors open. One year we handed out cups of hot apple cider. This year our group has made the sweetest little angel pins. Want one? You are going to need to show up early… I will give our event a plug in the next few days so you can put it on your calendars if you are in the area.

My Mom called me this morning to see if I would like to visit another church bazaar to see what its like. I know what you are thinking and no, we are not going to steal ideas — that’s very unChristian-like! I said, “I’m in,” to her outing offer. Oh yeah! First of all my Mom and I are like bazaar connoiseurs. We check them out, give them a rating (at least in our own minds), usually purchase at least a few things for the holidays and then raid the bake table for butter tarts (#1), fudge (#2), and homemade pie (#3) in that order.

That being said we have been to some very cool bazaars and some bazaars that are just downright buh-zahr. One I went to was like a garage sale. People’s used items being passed off for holiday craft items. William Shatner’s tv show Weird or What? came to mind.

Today’s Rave : the old-fashioned church craft and bake sale. Designed to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

I saw some snow flakes this morning and my first thought? Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, la la la la la…

Its just like butta!

Hi all! Its Friday and after the hot and crazy weather we have had this week I needed to brighten my day just a little more with my nail polish “Like Butta” from Nina Ultra Pro.

The name totally reminds me of the “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” segment that was on Saturday Night Live. Mike Myers played this very stereotypical New Yorker woman complete with accent and fake nails, etc.

Something mentioned during this skit was always “like butta”. Mike Myers is awesome as usual and his flair for characterization is over the top.

So today, in honour of Mike Myers (a good Canadian fellow!) and SNL, I used “Like Butta”, a gorgeous, creamy and high gloss yellow polish. I looks awesome too with the black and white outfit I’m wearing to work.

Today’s Rave: Like Butta from Nina Ultra Pro. And,… Mike Myers. 🙂

Have a great weekend. Keep cewl!


Elephantastic Pink

My favourite colour is green, but pink is for sure in my top 5. I know what you’re thinking… There really aren’t that many colour, and to say “top 5” isn’t all that big a deal.

My response to that is, do you know how many bottle of nail polish I have? About 160 or so. Of that 160, about 20-25 are “pink” or a variation therein.

I am right into the neon pinks too. Love them all! Tomorrow I will do a neon pink with a single purple nail-maybe with a design, we’ll see.

Today’s Rave: Elephantastic Pink by OPI. Nice, smooth and oh so lovely. It reminds me of tropical flowers. (Sigh!)

Have an Elephantastic Pink day everyone. I know – will!


Plumberry perfect!

I love the summer. Not so much the humidity, but the warmth and being able to spend time outside with family, barbecuing, riding our bikes, taking a walk or just sitting in the backyard with a good book and a glass of wine.

My nail polish today reminds me of a beautiful rich red sangria, called Plumberry, by Essie. It is a nice red alternative. A little deeper, richer than red.

Today’s Rave: Plumberry by Essie.

Have a g’day there matey.


Spiderman, Spiderman…

Hey, have any of you seen the new OPI Spiderman nail polish colours?

I picked up a few and have to say they are pretty cewl!

The one I’m wearing is “Into The Night”. A gorgeous dusky bluey-purple. It reminds me of the blue in his Spidey-suit.

Today’s Rave: OPI’s Into The Night nail polish

Hope you like it as much as I do!


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Black Licorice

Who loves licorice? I do, I do!!!
Red, black, strawberry flavoured, it doesn’t really matter – they are all yummy.

Black Licorice is my favourite though and my nail polish today is (drum roll please), “Licorice” by Essie. It is super glossy with really nice coverage.

I love black nail polish – its goes with everything, including my punkie kinda style.

Today’s Rave – black nail polish. Sweet!


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My inner Porn Star

Oh my…
My wonderful hubby has made me the best drink.
1 oz Mojo Sour Berry
1 oz Blue Curacao
5 oz 7-up and add ice

Its fruity and sweet with just the right amount of fizz. My tongue is purple.

Yes, its called “Porn Star”!!!
My evening is looking up! Uh huh!

Today’s Rave: Mojo Shot in Sour Berry

Cheers to everyone’s inner Porn Star!

Karen (the “Porn Star”)

PS – not a very good Porn Star name really… I’ll have to have a few more and come up with some better porn star names. (giggle)

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Gone too long!

Hi all – sorry I haven’t posted on my blog recently.  Lots of things have caught up with me and I just haven’t had the time to post up…  I know “boo hoo!”.  Well, I’m getting back into the swing of things and watch out, as a few posts go out this afternoon and tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s a holiday here in Canada – Victoria Day in fact.  This holiday celebrates the birth of Queen Victoria who was born on May 24, 1819.  She was/is the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.  A little history for you there.

Today’s Rave:  Here’s to a love for long weekends.  A big toast to summer.

Everyone, enjoy your day — looks to be a great one here in Toronto.

Gotta go to church now.  Talk to you later today.  Have a good one.